Take a look Inside: The life of a artist is a sad & lonely 1 , It’s a Gift and a curse

People have this false romantic narrative about artistic people. Life as a creative isn’t fun. Its very grueling and lonely. People think that artist are upbeat fun loving people for some reason, I blame the media…only to get their feelings hurt once they meet one and discover they’re a miserable prick. NO were not unicorns.

Creators, atleast the real ones…aren’t happy people because how can you be? this shit isn’t a “realistic” or “logical” career field. To have the mindset and belief to pursue a career like this you have to be fucked in the head because from a rational POV it makes absolutely no sense on any level. But it’s the passion inside of us that drive us. Because if you get in the game just for money you’re a fucking idiot. You’re going to tap out eventually.

Most creative field’s are based upon luck, self belief and sometimes dealing with unscrupulous people to gain entry. It takes alot to have the patience and discipline to create shit that might not even result in any kind of profit. Imagine working hours on a project that might not even ever be seen. Imagine putting all your energy into something that have a 1 of out 10,000 chance of working out.

You have to spend many hours alone in solitude. Solitude can be your best friend and your worst enemy. It’ll take you places you might not come back from mentally.

To be in this game you have to be wired mentally a certain way. You can’t just be any regular motherfucker or YES you will probably eventually go crazy. You have to spend many hours alone.Grinding, trying to perfect your craft so you can compete with the best in the world. Even after all of that, there’s still no guarantee that anything will come from all the hardwork. It’s not like being a engineer, where after school you get a degree and can go get a job. In this game you can put in 10,000 hours in and still end up working at burger king…cold game huh?

The worst insult you can say to a artist is “you’re lucky” because if you see somebody making money from art, trust me its anything but luck. That poor soul probably been through so much shit they’re basically one tragic event from losing their sanity. Making it far in the creative game is close to traumatizing, but we choose this life so I’m not whining. That’s why many of your favorite artist are drugged out or have mental break downs. The stress, the pressure, the deceitful people you encounter plus having to still compete at your craft on a high level eventually eats away at your soul to the point you start to lose pieces of your humanity. Pieces you can’t get back.

Being a creative is like being an alien. The avg person will never understand you. Which is going to cause resentment, because you’ll never be able to form normal friendships or relationships. So you begin to hate humanity with a great level of disgust. Nothing is worse than regular people asking you regular people questions like “OW WOW HOW ID YOU DO THAT?” I don’t know mothfucker, I was born with a gift.

Forming relationships is very difficult. It takes a special person to know how to love a creative person. Our personalities aren’t normal at all and we don’t pretend to fit in either. It’s the rebel inside of us. Either u come to our world or we leave you alone. No compromise. Our lifestyle is totally abnormal also. The mood swings, the ups and downs will make it hard for a regular person to stick with a artist. The lack of companionship adds to the depression a artist may feel. This game is for made for lonely souls.

When u have talent, random motherfuckers want to be friend you. That’s another thing. But they don’t understand, we have irregular brains, so normal shit don’t turn us on. So having a friendship with a non creative will be hard. Were not better people, just different. Our gift is our curse, and it leaves us very isolated in our own dark world.

Having talent is a gift and a curse. You’re trapped in your own unique world that nobody can relate too while at the same time forced to live in the “real world” You’re forever alone. You’re a prisoner that belong to the public. You’ll never have a “normal” healthy life. If you want to do this and do this forreal, at some point you have to realize that your life needs to become 100% about your work. You have to become married to your craft and get prepared to create until the day that you die. But there’s no rainbows or light at the end of the tunnel. You create for the people and you die when its your time. That’s what this thing is. If you don’t like it get a 9 to 5, this game isn’t for the weak

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