“Dark Thoughts, Harsh Truth’s”

The name of my new art exhibition is titled “Dark Thoughts, Harsh Truths”. This art gallery is something that I always wanted to do for a long time but its hard to create this type of art because we live in a time where darker truths about society isn’t really seen or heard in art or entertainment anymore. The industry are only going to put in play it safe “creative” types. So as a result we have to put up with the same bullshit over and over. IMO art is suppose to be real, honest, hard hitting and tell the truth.

I’ve done that in doses in my other work like my “Inside My Mind” series. But with “Dark Thoughts, Harsh Truths” I want to explore humanity more. I want to talk about the things that I think about often. The things that eat away at me. I wanted to create art that was authentic. This is what I’m passionate about.

Obviously money is important because we all need it to survive. Money is a interesting thing. It’s something that exist, that doesn’t exist if that make sense. (probably don’t) So unfortunately many creatives are forced to create the bullshit that the “industry” dictate whats “acceptable” in order to survive and pay their bills. So as a result: art, entertainment or whatever can’t really push the bar like it’s suppose to. Well that and the fact that somebody will always get offended and their feelings hurt when you say something that they don’t agree with. But fuck them. Art isn’t suppose to make everybody happy or feel good inside.

Me personally?…I’m tired of playing that game. I’m an artist, a thinker, a man of principle with my own philosophies about life. I self reflect alone in solitude and have a thirst for the truth. No matter how much the answer hurts. Something deep inside me always ask “Why?”. I’m foolish like that. I’m a glutton for punishment I guess hahaha

I digress. I want to create real art. Not keep up with the bullshit art industry and whats deemed “industry standard” fuck that. If I’m going to fail. I atleast want to fail standing on my feet instead of on my knees.

The process was totally spontaneous. I just picked up the pen and created everything from scratch. Whatever was on my mind became the concept and aesthetic aspect was totally freestyle off the top of my head(like a freestyle rapper basically). Honestly I cant even reproduce any of these images because everything was tally created in the moment without any formula.

I like to create new styles, techniques, color schemes, patterns and shapes. On top of that, mix it in with the different things that I think about and learned about life thus far. This gallery is very experimental. The concepts, illustration style and color combinations is something I wanted to be original. Not only do I want the art to look different and have a unique style for each individual piece BUT I also want each piece to have a message. A message that can provoke thought, teach life lessons and inspire. At the very least, If you don’t understand the shit that I’m saying…you can atleast have something to stare at when you’re high hahaha. Also I still want them to look aesthetically cool enough to wear. I got something for everybody.

Anyway… This gallery will explore many things about our society. It’ll cover race. The current conditions of black america in general but also my experiences and outlook on American life as a young black man. Teaching lessons that can help the black youth not fall under a corrupt capitalistic society that’s clearly set to keep them as bottom feeders. And the importance of not falling for the MANY pitfalls set to destroy black youth. Yeah I’m unapologetic about that. I’ll always push that message as hard as I can. I also talk about the importance of being rightuoes, being educated, having patience, discipline and having critical thought. Because  without those you’ll be destroyed… period my friend!

I will talk about the illusion of “Success”. The allure of wealth. The trap of lavish things and how it comes with a price when you compromise you integrity. A price that might not be worth the prize’s that you receive. I don’t want to come off as preachy tho. More so just tell people that it’s a choice and how it’s up to them to make whatever choice they feel is best for them…but it comes with consequences of course.

I talk about personal things too. Like depression, loneliness and mental growth. Obtaining wisdom and growing from the mistakes that I’ve made in the past. I talk about the internal struggle and and the complicated way that we have to pretend that the pain doesn’t exist in order to function in society.

Lastly I talk about spiritual things like death. The afterlife also. Escaping the pain that’s on earth and transiting to the next level of existence. Not that I’m a religiously person but I like to explore those topics and learn from different religions. I think all of them teach value lessons about life.

This gallery was created out of pure love and passion for art. No agenda… just art in it’s purest form without nobody to censor or temper with it.

Anyway blah blah blah I present to you: “Dark Thoughts, Harsh Truth’s”

Piece Listing:
1. After Dark
2. Belly Of The Beast (Part II)
3. Fly Away (Part II)
4. Fly To The Moon
5. Internal War
6. Mental Metamorphosis
7. The American Dream
8. The Slaughterhouse
9. Tunnel Vision
10. Unlocking The Darkness
11. Enlightenment
12. No Fear


EquallyOpposite – “YUKI” Single Cover + (The Process Break)

Single cover design for rap group “EquallyOpposite”. This for their single “Yuki”. Alright I’m going to give breakdown of the design. They want the cover to represent them fighting their own personal demons.

The concept came from them. Zac and Gordo are standing back to back holding lightsabers surrounded by demons. The demons are ready to attack & they’re prepared to defend themselves.


Essay 5: Alot Of Modern Art suck. Why are “Artist” so cowardly?

I thought art was supposed to express how you feel on the inside and talk about society in a truthful form? Wheres the passion? The soul?

Everything in the creative world is so watered down. I’m tired of the bullshit pandering. I’m tired of “branding”. Artist doing this bullshit social media marketing where they hold up their work and take a smiling picture next to it like its some type of fucking toothpaste commercial.

From a capitalistic standpoint I understand. I mean it makes sense. Good business and marketing is not stepping on anybody toes and always having a diplomatic opinion. In other words not hurting a potential buyer feelings. We all have to make a living so why would you want to lose a paying customer right? logically it makes sense.

But the problem is…nothing about art is logical. Its a career field that’s not even a career field. Nothing is rational about this… at all. What sane person would try to be a professional artist and try to make a living at something  like selling art? probably not many. So trying to market it like its some type of commercial product is pointless. Lets be creative. Lets push the art.

Business can harm good art. Art is suppose to be honest, raw and graphic…basically however you truly feel internally. Not some product made to be marketed to the general masses for profit. IMO capitalism really hurt art. Because how can you push the limit if we live in a PC society where you might offend paying customers?

Artist are afraid to tackle tough subjects like race, politics, sex, pain, spirituality and death. But why? In the past artist were never afraid to create without shackles but now all we see is the same safe topics over and over. Even other creative outlets like film and music are way to safe.

With all the shit that’s going on in the world. Why don’t anybody talk about the dark truth’s of society? The public naturally want to feel good 24/7 and ignore it but its up to us artist to force them to face the cold hard realities of this world. Wheres the social commentary? Race talk? You can pretend it doesn’t exist but it does.

And yeah we might lose some money, some backing, some supporters…but so the fuck what! who cares what people think in 2017 anyway. Hell half for them are mentally cooked anyway. Everybody have an opinion. Just put the shit that you’re passionate about out there.

Were on the brink of a total societal collapse man. I’m tired of seeing meaningless shit like shapes and animal portraits. Talk about about some real shit for once. Grow a pair.



As I sit alone in solitude my mind often wander. My brain leave’s my skull, growing wings and taking flight… reducing my human flesh to an empty shell. Feeling numb, slouched over in my chair. Thinking about life, society and humanity…reflecting.

Tonight is like most late nights. The demons never go away. They always come back knocking on the door of my brain and for some reason I always respond. I’m a gluten for punishment I guess. I try to run. I try to hide but they always have a way of finding me. I try to convince myself that everything will be OK once I achieve something new in this society. I always try to give myself a goal to chase.

I like to bullshit myself often with “If’s”…”if I get more money it’ll be alright” “If I move to a new city it’ll get better” “If I change my habits… it’ll change” But the harsh reality is…nothing won’t ever cure the emptiness that I feel internally. Life to me is like a cruel practical joke. It becomes funny after a while. What is life anyway?

I’ve been trying to figure out how to cope with this society for many years and still can’t find an answer. It feel’s like an illusion. A dream like world filled with robots…masked as human beings. Life have become predictable. Its almost like I can predict peoples actions before they even get a chance to act. Like a 6th sense.

Life is like the movie Groundhog’s day. Same shit, different day. It plays on a loop filled with pointless fillers and meaningless interactions. The avg life expectancy is 78. That’s long time to work, watch shitty entertainment, make small talk about non sense.

My personality leaves me isolated. If you don’t fit into a box in this modern day facade of a society… you simply have no place. If you have personal traits such as honesty, loyalty and  intelligence you’ll be invisible. In order to enjoy the modern world you have to be morally depraved. It’s simply set up for evil to prevail.

So how do you cope? If you’re too much of a coward to commit suicide and too far gone to embrace it? what are your options? the answer is simple. You have none. you’ll be stuck in a mental purgatory… all alone. The cold hard truth is…its probably always going to be like that until the day you die.

I’ve reached a place of acceptance. I feel numb on the inside. Not angry, not sad, not happy. Just numb. No feeling at all. I’ll just exist until I can’t exist no more I guess.