Essay 3: Once you leave the matrix. Life feel like being trapped in a never ending prepetual dream

I was just thinking about this. Once you finally leave the matrix totally, its a very eerie feeling. I feel like a human walking among machines. Like being in a never ending screen play. Everything feels fake, the buildings, people, scenery, human interactions…everything feels like a facade, very predictable and forced. Once you figure this thing that we call life out and accept the harsh dark reality of this society. You become numb. You’ll lose alot of your humanity. You can never go back to being innocent and naive.

Everything is predictable and systemic. It’s like I can predict whats about to come out of a persons mouth before they can even say it. I understand alot of things butdon’t have the power to change any of it. I feel like sometimes, its better to be ignorant if you’re powerless. Being unaware and not having control is way better than being knowledgeable and living without control.

Its hard to look at people the same. I observe some people and you can just see the look of defeat in them. They’re striving for an illusion and are slowly dying on the inside.They put on a front on the outside of “success” and “happiness” but you can look into their eyes and see a shell. They can push a fly car, have on expensive clothes and they cant masked the hollowness they feel. This whole society is one big illusion.

I lost alot of my humanity, its hard to trust people. All I see is the beast behind the smile. Everything in america is about appearances. Get a Benz and throw on a suit and u can become whoever you want to be. America is all about images, TV, internet, advertising…everything is about creating an image.

People are so indoctrinated, that if you don’t do the routine bullshit pleasantries…they look at you in utter terror, as if you’re in a movie and didn’t stick to the script. Once you leave the matrix, whether you like it or not. You become a labeled as “crazy”…and there’s nothing you can ever do to get your “normal” tag back, its over. Because you see through the surface so much you cant even pretend no more. Even if u try, the real you will always resurface. So you’re trapped basically.

I understand why they indoctrinate us at birth. Some of it is for evil purposes, but it makes sense for the greater good of society to have everybody docile for their own good. Because if people were to truly figure out that this thing is an illusion and stopped believing in it, it would be total chaos and massive depression.


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