Soul Thursday-The Spinners – Ghetto Child

Beautiful song. Art at its finest. Everything from the instrument arrangements, singing, to the wonderful lyrics.

“When I was seventeen, I ran away from home.
And from everything, I had ever known
I was sick and tired living in a town
Filled with narrow minds and hate

They used to laugh at me and children called me names
I would run and hide feeling so ashamed
Just for being born, I was just a boy
Punished for a crime that was not mine”

A New Chapter … I used To Love Her

By her I mean art. Art used to be fun and something I had alot of passion for it. But like any industry in a capitalistic system theres the business aspect. Once business and outside influences get control of a industry, somewhere along the way the love suddenly disappear. It becomes about profit, power, nepotism and so forth.

“The Industry” steals many bright souls and I don’t want it to take mine. So I’m done pursuing this craft as a career. I’ll still do it as a hobby and sale certain pieces but I’ll give alot away for free. Fuck it, I rather the people just have it. I’m so tired of chasing dollars and dealing with politics. I’m not bending over literately or figuratively. .

I don’t want to fit in with weirdo hipsters pretending to be “artist” because mommy and daddy can afford to buy them a career. I create art from the soul and talk about the things society tend to run from. I’m inspired about humanity. The dark uncomfortable truths about society. I talk about it from a totally raw perspective.

Being honest and a real 3 noncriminal human being in modern america is a sin unfortunately, either you have be a robot or you become an outcasted in pretentious industries like the creative industry.  So I’m walking away from the rat race. I’ll create for the love and whatever job I get will provide for me financially.

I’m tired of freelancing. Freelancing is also soul sucking. When clueless clients want you to bring their shitty ideas to life.  I have some great clients BTW so not all but I think every artist want to create about what they’re passionate about.

I’ll continue giving my best work for free. I care more about the messages and art more than the money anyway. I want to provoke thought and evoke some type of emotion out of the viewer. Chasing dollars for art always was something that was soul crushing and disheartening anyway.

Many rappers like to state “I’m not a rapper I’m a hustler, that just happens to rap” for me its the opposite. I’m a artist, not a business man, never was and never want to be. I always just wanted to create the art I wanted to create and that’s it.

I don’t want to make uninspired bullshit for profit. As a young black man in america that’s relatively with a profound understanding of politics, race, economics and social class. Id be a fucking lair if I wasn’t talking about the subjects that I talk about, and to my own detriment lol I’m not a liar.

Keep checking for me in the future. The art with be better now that I’m a free man, and trust me it’ll be free.

Peace : ) 💗