Don’t Let Your Life Pass You By. Pursue Your Passion!

In this video I talk about the importance of keeping your fire lit and how the only way to lose is to not play the game at all.

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Prodigy goes down as one of the all time greats + never take your life for granted!

This video talks about prodigy from the rap duo Mobb Deep and his importance to the genre of hip hop and also how important it is not to take your time on earth for granted.

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Whats the point of being an artist if don’t have a message?

Why do this if you don’t have a message for the people? Whats the point? Wheres the message to help inspire humanity? Provoke thought? Give wisdom?

Being a professional artist requires great sacrifice and many hours of hard work and dedication. If you have to isolate yourself to create content why not put the things that you think about into your art?

Why not pure your heart and bear your soul into your work. You might aswell help inspire, motivate people if you’re going to do this. Don’t be selfish as an artist. Its easy to make meaningless shit and collect money.

I would like to see more originality in art. More concepts about real life. Emotions, race, politics etc… Art, music, entertainment just seem so soulless nowadays. Just a bunch of happy go lucky bullshit. Do anybody feel sad anymore? Do anybody get mad anymore lol? Anybody?

I know I remember back in the 90’s, art and entertainment pushed the boundaries and you can tell artist still had love for their craft and not just money. Now its all nepotism with young untalented kids playing “artist” while living off their parents dime.

But whatever, who cares about anything anymore…Right?




The passing of rapper Prodigy & How fragile life truly is

Yesterday the rapper Prodigy died. A shook to me and many rap fans world wide. Hes apart of the duo known as “Mobb Deep”. Hip hop fans know them well esp us older fans that were born in the 70’s and 80’s. They gave us classics that will be played probably hundreds of years from now such as the infamous (no pun intended)  “Shook Ones Pt2” and “Hell on Earth plus many other classic records and albums.

P wasn’t no stranger to beefs and controversies like most rappers esp from that era but what stood out was his skills. Prodigy skill level transcend his outside the ring antics. Fans always supported him no matter what because of his rare talent for putting words together.

He was one of the best writers in a era with the best writers. P could hold his own with your favorite rapper or flat out out rhyme him, and he did. P wasn’t no joke on the mic. Mixing grimy NYC crack era street tales with knowledge of a scholar and eloquence of a poet. P was helped transcend the genre in the golden age of the 90’s which pushed lyricism to the limits.

P always had sickle cell anemia, a disease that affects largely African Americans. Hes been battling the disease all his life and even got dissed by 2pac on the legendary diss track “Hit Em Up”. But yesterday at the still some what young age of 42, Mr. Johnson passed away in a Las Vegas hospital after his final performance. RIP to P, his music will live on BUT! of course I have to use this to push a greater  point.

Life isn’t promised or guaranteed and were all on the clock. Everyday our bodies die alittle so its important to not waste time doing bullshit because one day well all see black. Whats on the other side? who’s knows but while you’re on earth, you better do something productive and beneficial or just perish to dust with no legacy or contribution.

Soundtrack For “Inside My Mind Vol.3”

Inside My Mine Vol 3 Cover Art soundtrack

These are the tracks that I listened to during the making of this project. Some of them helped give me inspiration and some had nothing to do with the project at all. I like posting music because serves as a big influence in my work. I see my work as a song or novel. Writers and musicians influence me more than other artist.