In My Thoughts Again. “Hell On Earth”

As I listen to the smoove horns blow on this instrumental By Curen$y titled “Flying Iron” I’m once again conflicted as not only an artist but also  a young black man in America. I’ve always been a heavy thinker since I was a child. Highly introverted, always the quiet observer.

I’ve always had a conscious. Always knew the difference between right and wrong. As a result I’ve walked a very strict and disciplined path through out life. Always taking the road less traveled. No short cuts.

I’m still not where I wanted to be in life but I still grind and create this art. Still market and brand myself even though I hate speaking. Something about art that won’t let me quit. Something about this game that keeps me grinding everyday and the reason is self expression. Talking about the things that I’m passionate about and making it look cool enough to be worn.

I can make cool shit all day, everyday but that don’t intrigue me. Talking about reality and the reality of my generation is what inspire me. I’m one of the last few remaining “artist” that actually is willing to sacrifice a check to speak my truth raw and uncut without pulling any punches.

To me that’s what artist supposed to be. Making art for money feels so soulless and uninspiring but its apart of the job. We all gotta eat right?  My new series Hell On Earth is something that I always wanted to do. Create the art I’m truly passionate about. Talk about my battles with depression, my personal struggles, racism, black life in america and in american history in the most honest way that I can. It’s important as not only as an artist but black artist I always tell the truth. We have a enough fucking lairs out to collect a pay check. There’s no profit in righteousness.

This one will be uncensored and more political, more emotional. I want to make the art that I’m passionate about. Art for the people. I want to tell the story of my observations on earth during my generation. My generation is filled with passionless zombies with no balls to create ground breaking honest content.

I want to make art to tell the truth and inspire generations to come. As I get older, my days on this earth gets shorter. My ambitions have changed alot over the years. My goal is to give everything I got to my craft before I check out. I don’t care if I make a single dime. God put me on this earth for a reason and I plan on making use of what talent I was blessed with.

This gallery is very jazz inspired. No Hip Hop. This one is straight from the soul. I’m an artist, not one of these idiots on Instagram claiming to be. Naw a real artist. I do this for real and promise to utilize my talents to the best of my abilities.



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