It’s Important For Ambition People To Distance Themselves From Mediocre People

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In my mind nothing is more worse than the acceptance of mediocrity. People without goals, ambitions, passions or dreams should be avoided at all times. Life is short and time moves fast. You should never let unambitions people waste your time.

They’re not bad people but YES they should be avoided unless you want to sink into the pits of hell (aka stagnation) with them & watch your life pass you by. Mediocrity breeds pain. A life of routine and complacency.

This is coming from an ex mediocre person. A person that wanted things easy and never had the passion to fight for the things that he wanted. So this was learned from experience. I would definitely avoid the old me.

In order to be successful at anything you have to have great passion for it. A burning desire to see it accomplished.  Your reasoning for seeing that your goal is accomplished have to beyond superficial shit like recognition and material gain. Although there’s nothing wrong with wanting that of course but you need something deeper and more profound to fully push you.

To achieve any goal in life takes much discipline, patience, consistency and practice every single day to over the course of years and in some cases decades.

Dark Thought’s, Harsh Truth’s Available FOR PURCHASE!!!

My first Official Art Exhibition “Dark Thought’s, Harsh Truth’s”

Purchase each piece by clicking the link below

This gallery means alot to me. Its my first large art display (48×36) oppose to my normal (18×24) size. This whole entire gallery is digital of course. So you can buy as many pieces as you like. I love making both digital and traditional work so people can have piece.

I love how this one turned out. Very experimental with styles, color schemes, textures and MOST IMPORTANT! Concepts and meaning. Art without meaning is just mere decoration I don’t care what nobody say.

Tunnel Vision promoUnlocking The Darkness promoThe Slaughter House promoThe American Dream promoNo Fear promoMental Metamorphosis promointernal war promoFly To The Moon promofly away 2 promoEnlightenment promoBelly Of The Beast 2 promoAfter Dark promo

The Art Industry Suck

Just a bunch of hacks pretending to be artist. I thought art was supposed to teach, make people reflect and evoke some type of emotion.

The artist industry like most industries is based upon nepotism and the art industry is no different. Just a bunch of bored privilege people creating bullshit on their daddy dime while real artist that push their craft fall in between the cracks.

Of course the average person is to lazy and stupid to ever figure it out so they’ll consume whatever is put in front of them. That results in the bad art being accepted as good. This happens with music, movies and all forms of art and entertainment.

We have these lame rich kids or adults that convey their lames thoughts and set the arts back. Art comes from people with something to say. People with passion and charisma with unique truthful thoughts. Not some limp wrist sissy with a rich daddy pretending to be an “artist” because he don’t want to get a real job.

Importance Of Never Giving Up ON Your Dream

I truly do believe that good things comes to those that work everyday consistently. Even if nobody acknowledge or witness what you’re doing in the dark don’t mean that your success won’t ever come to the. Patience, Sacrifice, Discipline, Consistency are a very important part of the journey.

I learned that in life time can kill a man or heal a man (or woman) The point is…things can grow over time or fade and rot. Always respect the almighty clock. Make sure you never waste time doing unnecessary things because the results will show in the future.

I’m happy I made the sacrifices over the years to keep growing even if the opportunities and results weren’t there. I look at it as an invest that will pay off in the future.

The journey is very long and hard. I recommend people especially young people make peace with that & always be authentic (we have enough phony people in our society)  so be yourself and follow what you’re passionate about because when death comes, it comes forreal and you don’t get a second chance. Who want regrets right? My answer is simple, not me.

Inside My Mind Vol:3

My new digital gallery. I’m excited to announce. I experimented New styles on this project. I want to always experiment and play around with styles in my art. I never want to just stick to one.

The subject matter is dark. I touch on personally things, race, capitalistic greed, betrayal, depression, politics and just the things that I think about often. I love talking about humanity in my work. That’s what inspire me more than anything.

“Inside My Mind. Vol3” might be my last digital series for a while. I’m really to move back into traditional painting. Digital is cool and allow me to experiment with different color schemes, textures and brushes but nothing with ever beat traditional old school painting with actual paint IMO.

Anyway I hope people enjoy it. I put my heart and soul in all of my work. Don’t forgot to check out me store which features my art exhibition “Dark Truths, Harsh Thoughts”