Black love can’t exist in a white supremacist society & Black men would be foolish to try

In modern times if you haven’t found so called “black love” by now you’re simply just not going to and if you’re a black man you’ll have to play the game colder and unattached for the rest of your life if you want to make it to the end of this thing.

Our survival is predicated on our ability to detach and avoid systems as much as possible. The system is set up to destroy every fiber of our being and we have to move in a strategic chess like way.

Dealing with modern black women is a huge liability. They have too many warp ideologies in their minds and are totally subservient to the exact same system that was put in place to kill us off in the first place. So knowing that why would we commit to a relationship?

Imagine getting stuck with so called “educated” black chick that only care about basketball wives and Prada shoes. And she’s only with you because the white man or mythological super negro that only exist in her fucking head didn’t choose her, So he sees you as a settle and resent you for it. Do you really think you can grow old w/ her? like really?

On top of that you have to work in a white institution with micro aggression’s everyday and then have to deal with the general shit like navigating grimy hood dudes looking for come up, racist violent white supremacist cops and all the financial strain like the high cost of living and loan debt.

Living a so called “normal” life for a black men is totally impossible for the most part.

I think brothers need to seriously come up with plans and make a exodus out of this country before its too late.

Were on the clock and time is ticking. That big doom’s day clock is close to striking midnight and when it does, may the lord have mercy of those unfortunate souls that didn’t prepare.

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