I Have Tunnel Vision & Can See My Path So Vivid & Clearly. Everything Is Coming Together

I write this as I play Nina Simone Baltimore.

I was once in the dark and now I see the light. Life is starting to make sense now. My true path is becoming clear.

The hurt, pain, failure and loneliness was a necessity. No pain no glory. One of the most important lessons that I learned in life is never cheat the process. Believe in it and endure it, fall in love with it, respect it and cherish it.

I’ve been to places so dark I thought I would never see the light or find my way out. Places so low I thought I would never get up from. I was once on my knees, now I’m standing tall and strong.

Karma is real. Not so much in a cartoon sense but I’m living proof that if you do good in the dark it with eventually shine in the light. Short cuts only will get you temporary satisfaction that will eventually fade away.

I’ve gained alot of wisdom in my 29 years on this earth and I’m blessed and honored to have it. I’m humbled and extremely appreciative of all my blessings.

God blessed my with another chance to make things right. For Act II I promise now to not waste time and live up to my true potential and use my gifts to help as many people that I can.

I’m a brilliant man, I don’t say that to sound arrogant but I’m self aware enough to realize that I possess unordinary talents, high intelligence, drive and a philosophical thought process that would probably terrify most people. This have left me lonely and heart broken for a long time. I can see the subtle details about society and for a long time I wished I didn’t. I felt cursed.

I thank god for giving me the vision to move to my rightful destination with no fear. Hopefully if I continue to be morally righteous and do right by my fellow man the angels will protect me from the vultures and serpents that await.

But enough talk. More action. Its time to push to top gear. No excuses for myself, its on me and nobody else is to blame for me not reaching my goals.


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