Explanation Of Art My “Gold Series” Gallery

I want to explain some of the pieces. This my “Gold Series”. I titled it the “Gold Series” because the heavy use of the gold textures.


The Lord's Gift instagram EX

The Lord’s Gift – This image is one of my personal favorite pieces that I ever created. The Lords gift is shows a angel holding her child. Hes a gift from the creator (God). Aesthetically I like this one alot. It’s fly IMO. The curly golden wings, the golden jewelry. I love how this came out. The dark browns, purples, pink and golds. I feel like I captured the intimate moment well.

Food part 2 instagram EX

Food (Part 2) – I love this one. It’s aesthetically dope BUT the concept is is even doper. I’m a real artist that always take pride in my concepts and meaning over everything else. Concept means the world to me. Whats art without meaning? I’ll answer that for you. It’s merely decoration.

This one is one of my proudest pieces. It’s a spin off on the first piece I made called “Food”
Download Here: http://johnspainart.com/food-illustration-by-john-c-spain
Buy Here: https://www.redbubble.com/people/johnspainart/works/25680856-food
I wanted to make one for the ladies.

It shows a young black girl reading and expanding here mind with valuable information. A healthy vegetable garden is growing from her mind. The vegetables represent knowledge. The knowledge that shes retaining is nourishment for the soil to help the food grow. Shes also holding a key, which she used to unlock her mind. Peep the key hole on her forehead.

All Gold part 2 EX
All Gold (Part 2) – This piece is pretty forward. It’s a spin off of my original “All Gold” Piece.
Download Here: http://johnspainart.com/inside-my-mind-vol1-1
Buy Here: https://www.redbubble.com/people/johnspainart/works/26245672-all-gold

Anyway this version is a digitally painted version. The first one was all photo manipulation. This one is even better IMO. It’s a piece that’s 100% focused on aesthetics.  I love the contrast, the dark deep shadows and colorful roses.

The Soul Singer EX

The Soul Singer –  This piece was inspired from my love of soul music. I love 60’s and 70’s soul, and anybody can see this from the all the soul music that I post on my blog.

This piece is dope and I like the tropical colors and mass amounts of gold jewelry on the beautiful singer. I also added the golden mic.

Roses part 2 instagram EX
Roses (Part 2) – This is a spin off from Roses part 1. Which you can download and purchase by clicking on the link below.
Download Here: http://johnspainart.com/roses-10-illustration-by-johnspainart
Buy Here: https://www.redbubble.com/people/johnspainart/works/26239269-roses

This image is fun, colorful and mostly focuses on aesthetics. The style is very playful with many shapes, colors and textures.

Flowing instagram EX
Flowing – This piece called “Flowing” which BTW you can download for free. Originally it was a 8.5 x 11 free download and coloring book page, which u can download here.

Download Here (Flowing): http://johnspainart.com/coloring-book-series-coloring-book-sampler-85×11
Download Here (FREE COLORING PAGES): http://johnspainart.com/free-coloring-book-pages

Anyway, this piece is all about aesthetics obviously. Its a peacock created with my signature colorful abstract style. I loved this piece so much I wanted to put it on merch.

Golden Chariots EX

Golden Chariots –  This image dark but beautiful. “Golden Chariots is a dark piece, masked in beauty. Its more spiritual and philosophical than most of the rest of the gallery. I’ll leave it up to the viewer to interpret it how ever they want.


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