It’s Important For Ambition People To Distance Themselves From Mediocre People

(reading music)

In my mind nothing is more worse than the acceptance of mediocrity. People without goals, ambitions, passions or dreams should be avoided at all times. Life is short and time moves fast. You should never let unambitions people waste your time.

They’re not bad people but YES they should be avoided unless you want to sink into the pits of hell (aka stagnation) with them & watch your life pass you by. Mediocrity breeds pain. A life of routine and complacency.

This is coming from an ex mediocre person. A person that wanted things easy and never had the passion to fight for the things that he wanted. So this was learned from experience. I would definitely avoid the old me.

In order to be successful at anything you have to have great passion for it. A burning desire to see it accomplished.  Your reasoning for seeing that your goal is accomplished have to beyond superficial shit like recognition and material gain. Although there’s nothing wrong with wanting that of course but you need something deeper and more profound to fully push you.

To achieve any goal in life takes much discipline, patience, consistency and practice every single day to over the course of years and in some cases decades.


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