The Art Industry Suck

Just a bunch of hacks pretending to be artist. I thought art was supposed to teach, make people reflect and evoke some type of emotion.

The artist industry like most industries is based upon nepotism and the art industry is no different. Just a bunch of bored privilege people creating bullshit on their daddy dime while real artist that push their craft fall in between the cracks.

Of course the average person is to lazy and stupid to ever figure it out so they’ll consume whatever is put in front of them. That results in the bad art being accepted as good. This happens with music, movies and all forms of art and entertainment.

We have these lame rich kids or adults that convey their lames thoughts and set the arts back. Art comes from people with something to say. People with passion and charisma with unique truthful thoughts. Not some limp wrist sissy with a rich daddy pretending to be an “artist” because he don’t want to get a real job.


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