Inside My Mind Vol:3

My new digital gallery. I’m excited to announce. I experimented New styles on this project. I want to always experiment and play around with styles in my art. I never want to just stick to one.

The subject matter is dark. I touch on personally things, race, capitalistic greed, betrayal, depression, politics and just the things that I think about often. I love talking about humanity in my work. That’s what inspire me more than anything.

“Inside My Mind. Vol3” might be my last digital series for a while. I’m really to move back into traditional painting. Digital is cool and allow me to experiment with different color schemes, textures and brushes but nothing with ever beat traditional old school painting with actual paint IMO.

Anyway I hope people enjoy it. I put my heart and soul in all of my work. Don’t forgot to check out me store which features my art exhibition “Dark Truths, Harsh Thoughts”



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