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Whats more bullshit than “Networking”? / NYC is a optical illusion that don’t even exist

Networking? Its wack. A bunch of random people fake smiling and interacting to gain something. But what exactly are they getting?

I gotta meet people and get my art out there. I dread this shit, because now I gotta talk to a bunch of phony people that don’t like me. All in the sake of trying to get something. It’s wack man. what am I trying to get?

Everybody mannerisms are off. Just real nervous. They’re visibly uncomfortable, shaking, just real weird. Fake smiles, fake laughs. Why can’t we just have a real human conversation?

And god forbid you actually just be honest and say what you really think. People look at you like you pulled out a gun or some shit. In utter horror like “man stick to the script, you know were not suppose to act human and have this superficial robotic interaction.”

NYC is very superficial. Coming from a place as small and imitate as Buffalo it’s laughable. Not all of NYC. Manhattan is weird. It’s like the matrix. A bunch of robots putting on a image like “I’m important, I have a suit and work in some really tall building” its interesting. So this is the “American Dream” they always taught us to chase? Is this what “success” looks like?

People at these networking events are full of shit, why? because if you go somewhere specifically to gain something… you have no choice but to be full of shit.

I’ve been here for a few months and starting to get it. It’s a hustle. Get money by any means necessary. No love, just get paid. This city is basically a rat race to get paid and thats it. A bunch of rats chasing a piece of cheese that don’t even exist.

But the key is to always realize what you see is fake. Do your business and move to a real city with real people.

Were Witnessing The Collapse Of Society Before Our Eyes

The illusion is unrevealing before our eyes. American society has been an illusion held up on false promises & hopes for a very long time. Were reaching a boiling point were people can simply hide their true feelings with a fake nod and smile.

This society is so empty and morally depraved…it can’t last for another century. The bible and ancient societies had rules in place for a reason. They were smart enough to have a much higher understanding of human nature than us. Our society has actually went backwards. Technology haven’t proved to be an advancement. Technology can make certain task easier but not improve humanity.

If you pay attention close enough you can see how low the moral is. NYC is supposed to be the city of dreams and have energy right? I don’t see any energy or excitement. I see a bunch of beat down drones walking aimlessly in this metropolis…searching for something that doesn’t exist.

How can anybody be happy here exactly. What is life? Toxic shitty lowbrow entertainment? GMO fast food? low paying jobs with long hours and company politics? “Hook Up” apps that replaced dating and intimate relationships?

This way of life is totally unsustainable. It cant lead to anything but death and destruction. The elite understand this. This society is set up to destroy anybody not discipline or aware enough to realize the many pitfalls that exist.

Since the avg person is a fucking idiot and a peon so they’ll go along with any image being presented to them. This system is perfectly designed and operated to destroy the majority of the pollution. Which will free up even more resources to a small group of elites.

More and more people are going snap. Life is totally unnatural.

Nepotism Is Ruining The Creative Industry & It’s Important To Learn How To Create Your Own Shit

Because of nepotism the industry suck. Everything is so bland, unimaginative, safe and politically correct. Since we live in a time where everybody is afraid of having their feelings hurt…artist are afraid of taking creative risk and create the content that they’re passionate about.

Corny fake “artist” are getting opportunities without the passion or putting in the work to earn them because mom and dad have the money to buy them a career. Then they hire they’re cornball buddies $ create cornball shit.

This hurts the industry because they’re bullshit “art” becomes the standard and now the poor talented artist out here feel the need to conform to get in. The problem is…they’re never letting you in because you’re a threat. So its important artist learn how to market and take charge of their own career. Give the public alternative choices instead of corporate funded artist having a monopoly on thought. That’s why so many fucking weirdos exist now, the content they consume 24/7 is made by a bunch of  weirdos.

The industry across the board need a change because I know the public have to be tired of seeing the same boring safe corporate funded shit. I know I’am. I’m a 80’s baby, I remember back when creativity was original and innovative.

I want to bring art back. Real art. Unfiltered, unadulterated, no holds barred truth from the soul art. Not this hipster bullshit. It sucks and its a bunch of sheltered trust fund kids creating it.

Kendrick “DAMN” Album Cover Design & Why The Design Industry Is Dying

Graphic design is boring and have been for a long time. Anybody that went to school learned the same boring, uninspired techniques and theories. Typography, white space, color theory blah blah blah and a bunch of other non sense that won’t help you make actual money in the real world or make cool looking art. People want cool shit.

Graphic design should be treated like art. IMO it should be creative original expression with text. Fuck “simple” & “clean” its boring and anybody can produce it, and if anybody can produce it…how do you separate yourself from other designers and make a convincing argument that you should get paid top dollar? The answer is simple. You can’t.

If any random person off the street can do your job. Nobody will ever respect your profession.

Fast forward, design is so dumbed down and easy to do. “Designers” can get paid $10 or a sack of weed to create album covers with unedited photos with a stock font across. That literally probably took like 10 mins or less to make this thing.

Kendrick is arguably the biggest rapper in the world. Come on man…as an artist you should know better and want to seek the most talented designers out here.

Everybody suffers when skilled professionals aren’t appreciated in EVERY industry. Kendrick should know that. I mean look at how many shitty rappers make money over actual lyricist.

Creative people need to be more vocal. This industry is suffering. Where is the passion? most “designers” just want to get paid which is fine, I do too but money comes from the passion that you have for your craft.