Importance Of Killing Your Ego

Ego can help us achieve great things but also destroy us and hold us back from growing. Being humble is the key to growth and I’ve learned that in my life. Being grateful and appreciative are important qualities to have.

The quest for being the “Best” and making to the “Top” is a draining one. I’ve discovered that the truth is, that there isn’t no such thing as the “Top”. It’s an illusion. You’ll be like a dog chasing it’s tail.  Going in circles. Only to never go nowhere.

IMO instead of trying to obtain worldly pleasures it’s best to chase the things not created by man but by god. Things like inner peace, wisdom, knowledge, mental growth. These are things that are priceless. They’re worth more than any dollar could ever amount to.

Having a large ego will only leave you fighting things that you can’t beat. It’ll have you chasing things that don’t even exist.  Most of things of the world are simply illusions with no intrinsic value but godly things like humility and showing appreciation is real.

We Can’t take anything on earth with us when we die. It’s important to never get attached to this society and always connect with a high spiritual being. Because following man can never bring true fulfillment.


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