Whats more bullshit than “Networking”? / NYC is a optical illusion that don’t even exist

Networking? Its wack. A bunch of random people fake smiling and interacting to gain something. But what exactly are they getting?

I gotta meet people and get my art out there. I dread this shit, because now I gotta talk to a bunch of phony people that don’t like me. All in the sake of trying to get something. It’s wack man. what am I trying to get?

Everybody mannerisms are off. Just real nervous. They’re visibly uncomfortable, shaking, just real weird. Fake smiles, fake laughs. Why can’t we just have a real human conversation?

And god forbid you actually just be honest and say what you really think. People look at you like you pulled out a gun or some shit. In utter horror like “man stick to the script, you know were not suppose to act human and have this superficial robotic interaction.”

NYC is very superficial. Coming from a place as small and imitate as Buffalo it’s laughable. Not all of NYC. Manhattan is weird. It’s like the matrix. A bunch of robots putting on a image like “I’m important, I have a suit and work in some really tall building” its interesting. So this is the “American Dream” they always taught us to chase? Is this what “success” looks like?

People at these networking events are full of shit, why? because if you go somewhere specifically to gain something… you have no choice but to be full of shit.

I’ve been here for a few months and starting to get it. It’s a hustle. Get money by any means necessary. No love, just get paid. This city is basically a rat race to get paid and thats it. A bunch of rats chasing a piece of cheese that don’t even exist.

But the key is to always realize what you see is fake. Do your business and move to a real city with real people.


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