Always take Risk With Your Art

Fuck what your professor or peers are doing. Fuck “trends”. Always do what you want to do creatively.

Art should always be created without rules or boundaries. Art is suppose to talk about humanity. Tell our generation story for future generations so they can get a glimpse into what life was truly like during our time.

Thanks to modern day capitalism art is seen as a “hustle”. It’s turned into consumer goods… instead of being about the craft.

Me personally, I would rather just say fuck it and create whatever I want to create and whatever happens, simply happens…Because the industry is boring, safe, PC and doesn’t speak to people emotionally or mentally anymore. Wheres the passion? Do anybody care anymore? You can still make a living and push the craft forward. Trust me, its possible. You don’t have to create cookie cutter bullshit.

Art isn’t meant to be corporate. That’s why the craft is suffering. Corporations are a facade so any art that you create by default will be a facade.

Time is ticking and our generation will die off in a few more decades. Nobody stays young forever. I think its time to stop creating bullshit and actually push the artform forward. Speak from the soul. Visual art, writing, music, film etc….lol were on the verge of WW3 PLEASE TALK ABOUT SOMETHING!!!! If you hurt somebodies feelings…so what, who cares.

Now repeat that send if to modern rappers…smh


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