Were Witnessing The Collapse Of Society Before Our Eyes

The illusion is unrevealing before our eyes. American society has been an illusion held up on false promises & hopes for a very long time. Were reaching a boiling point were people can simply hide their true feelings with a fake nod and smile.

This society is so empty and morally depraved…it can’t last for another century. The bible and ancient societies had rules in place for a reason. They were smart enough to have a much higher understanding of human nature than us. Our society has actually went backwards. Technology haven’t proved to be an advancement. Technology can make certain task easier but not improve humanity.

If you pay attention close enough you can see how low the moral is. NYC is supposed to be the city of dreams and have energy right? I don’t see any energy or excitement. I see a bunch of beat down drones walking aimlessly in this metropolis…searching for something that doesn’t exist.

How can anybody be happy here exactly. What is life? Toxic shitty lowbrow entertainment? GMO fast food? low paying jobs with long hours and company politics? “Hook Up” apps that replaced dating and intimate relationships?

This way of life is totally unsustainable. It cant lead to anything but death and destruction. The elite understand this. This society is set up to destroy anybody not discipline or aware enough to realize the many pitfalls that exist.

Since the avg person is a fucking idiot and a peon so they’ll go along with any image being presented to them. This system is perfectly designed and operated to destroy the majority of the pollution. Which will free up even more resources to a small group of elites.

More and more people are going snap. Life is totally unnatural.


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