Nepotism Is Ruining The Creative Industry & It’s Important To Learn How To Create Your Own Shit

Because of nepotism the industry suck. Everything is so bland, unimaginative, safe and politically correct. Since we live in a time where everybody is afraid of having their feelings hurt…artist are afraid of taking creative risk and create the content that they’re passionate about.

Corny fake “artist” are getting opportunities without the passion or putting in the work to earn them because mom and dad have the money to buy them a career. Then they hire they’re cornball buddies $ create cornball shit.

This hurts the industry because they’re bullshit “art” becomes the standard and now the poor talented artist out here feel the need to conform to get in. The problem is…they’re never letting you in because you’re a threat. So its important artist learn how to market and take charge of their own career. Give the public alternative choices instead of corporate funded artist having a monopoly on thought. That’s why so many fucking weirdos exist now, the content they consume 24/7 is made by a bunch of  weirdos.

The industry across the board need a change because I know the public have to be tired of seeing the same boring safe corporate funded shit. I know I’am. I’m a 80’s baby, I remember back when creativity was original and innovative.

I want to bring art back. Real art. Unfiltered, unadulterated, no holds barred truth from the soul art. Not this hipster bullshit. It sucks and its a bunch of sheltered trust fund kids creating it.


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