Kendrick “DAMN” Album Cover Design & Why The Design Industry Is Dying

Graphic design is boring and have been for a long time. Anybody that went to school learned the same boring, uninspired techniques and theories. Typography, white space, color theory blah blah blah and a bunch of other non sense that won’t help you make actual money in the real world or make cool looking art. People want cool shit.

Graphic design should be treated like art. IMO it should be creative original expression with text. Fuck “simple” & “clean” its boring and anybody can produce it, and if anybody can produce it…how do you separate yourself from other designers and make a convincing argument that you should get paid top dollar? The answer is simple. You can’t.

If any random person off the street can do your job. Nobody will ever respect your profession.

Fast forward, design is so dumbed down and easy to do. “Designers” can get paid $10 or a sack of weed to create album covers with unedited photos with a stock font across. That literally probably took like 10 mins or less to make this thing.

Kendrick is arguably the biggest rapper in the world. Come on man…as an artist you should know better and want to seek the most talented designers out here.

Everybody suffers when skilled professionals aren’t appreciated in EVERY industry. Kendrick should know that. I mean look at how many shitty rappers make money over actual lyricist.

Creative people need to be more vocal. This industry is suffering. Where is the passion? most “designers” just want to get paid which is fine, I do too but money comes from the passion that you have for your craft.


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