Tired Of Seeing The Same Boring Shit In Design

I’m tired of seeing the same minimalist graphic design style. It’s boring, uninspired & uncreative. What designer want to live their whole life doing this everyday? What the fuck is the point of being in a creative field if you can’t experiment? and create original content?

Who wants to wake up and create the same “white space” style design over and over again? Probably nobody.

It’s boring and requires little skill. Which is bad BTW… because that means that anybody can become a designer. Real talented designers that put in the work will go unnoticed. How can you stand out if the standard of making a logo is a damn circle with a letter in it?

Lets be honest, obviously anybody can do that and the “designers” that get those jobs or contracts get them via nepotism, because It takes absolutely no talent to create a simple icon.

IMO design is an artform too and should be more like visual art. No rules, no guidelines, anything goes. Because when you apply the no rules philosophy to art… innovative creations are born.

But at art schools. Professors that couldn’t make it in the real world teach their BS corny design styles to the youth. The kids think that this style is “industry standard” and the only way to make a living is to join in . The artform is never going to progress at this rate.

We need more skill and less nepotism also. Design have become so dumbed down and easy to do that anybody can do it and still get paid. Rendering out the people with actual talent and passion for their craft.

Sad how the creative industry is so watered down…so many talented souls are getting shut out.



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