The Acceptance Of Death Creates Peace Of Mind & Can Free The Bars That Hold You Back From Pursuing ….

The things that you’re passionate about…

Because obviously this society that we live in is an illusion right?. A big cruel practical joke if you will.. that can only hurt the people docile enough to believe in it. The matrix can only hurt those that buy into it.

The fear of the unknown, the fear of “failure” or just the fear of anything in general is all rooted in the fear of death. The fear of not having control, The fear of embarrassment , the fear of not being accepted etc….

Mankind craves control but you can’t control the uncontrollable. So why try? Why play a game that’s obviously  rigged? I figured this thing out. The best way to win is simple… don’t play in the first place. Simply opt out. If you don’t play you can’t lose.

“Success” is an illusion. What is “success” exactly? a expensive car? a luxury apartment? a “good paying job” what is it and how any of those items worth sacrificing your happiness and talents to pursue? Plus how can you have “success” if there’s a gate keeper to the opportunity that you’re looking for?

Why do so many people choose a life of misery and stagnation over the fear of death? when were going to die anyway? When are so many people afraid to try and fail? when not trying at all guarantee failure in the first place?

The acceptance of the things that we fear creates the freedom to do the things that we always wanted to do.





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