Essay 5: Alot Of Modern Art suck. Why are “Artist” so cowardly?

I thought art was supposed to express how you feel on the inside and talk about society in a truthful form? Wheres the passion? The soul?

Everything in the creative world is so watered down. I’m tired of the bullshit pandering. I’m tired of “branding”. Artist doing this bullshit social media marketing where they hold up their work and take a smiling picture next to it like its some type of fucking toothpaste commercial.

From a capitalistic standpoint I understand. I mean it makes sense. Good business and marketing is not stepping on anybody toes and always having a diplomatic opinion. In other words not hurting a potential buyer feelings. We all have to make a living so why would you want to lose a paying customer right? logically it makes sense.

But the problem is…nothing about art is logical. Its a career field that’s not even a career field. Nothing is rational about this… at all. What sane person would try to be a professional artist and try to make a living at something  like selling art? probably not many. So trying to market it like its some type of commercial product is pointless. Lets be creative. Lets push the art.

Business can harm good art. Art is suppose to be honest, raw and graphic…basically however you truly feel internally. Not some product made to be marketed to the general masses for profit. IMO capitalism really hurt art. Because how can you push the limit if we live in a PC society where you might offend paying customers?

Artist are afraid to tackle tough subjects like race, politics, sex, pain, spirituality and death. But why? In the past artist were never afraid to create without shackles but now all we see is the same safe topics over and over. Even other creative outlets like film and music are way to safe.

With all the shit that’s going on in the world. Why don’t anybody talk about the dark truth’s of society? The public naturally want to feel good 24/7 and ignore it but its up to us artist to force them to face the cold hard realities of this world. Wheres the social commentary? Race talk? You can pretend it doesn’t exist but it does.

And yeah we might lose some money, some backing, some supporters…but so the fuck what! who cares what people think in 2017 anyway. Hell half for them are mentally cooked anyway. Everybody have an opinion. Just put the shit that you’re passionate about out there.

Were on the brink of a total societal collapse man. I’m tired of seeing meaningless shit like shapes and animal portraits. Talk about about some real shit for once. Grow a pair.



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