The Official Cover Art to my Project “Inside My Mind” Vol. 2 (FREE DOWNLOAD on the release day)

I’ve been beaten, battered, hit by a mack truck, tore apart by sharks, pick apart by vultures. Somehow I’m still standing. I stand a wounded man with one more ace up my sleeve. The industry chewed me up, shitted me out, buried me alive and I still here. They cant finish me yet. Almost but not yet. They put 100 knives in my back , but couldn’t twist any. They should’ve finished me off, now I’m an unmovable force of nature.

I been should’ve fell off, I been should’ve lost my mind, given up. I should be walking around aimlessly downtown, begging for change, working a min wage forever, smoking crack after doing sexual favors for my economic resources. Naw not me, nope, not yet, not now, not never!

I paid my dues, put in the work, dance with the devil, walked through hell…and I’ve made it out the fire totally unscathed. I was born to be a loser, a failure, and refused my fate, Like the movie final destination, I was suppose to blow up in that plane but damn it didn’t

now I face my obstacles wounded with one last breath…
and “Inside My Mind” Vol 2 was born.

I put everything thing I had into this one. I hope it touch people as much as it touched me. This project was greenlighted by a higher power. It belongs to the public.

cover art thumbnail.jpg


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