“Inside My Mind” Vol. 2 Soundtrack

These are the tracks that I had on repeat during the making of the project. I want the viewer to catch the vibe. This is the soundtrack that helped me create “Inside My Mind Vol.2”. The official project will drop soon. I’m very proud of it and this my best work. This will be the beginning of my legacy, I’ve completed many pieces of “art” which I never considered art. Just decoration, art without meaning is merely decoration. I’m very proud of this project. I did what I wanted to do creatively and had 100% creative control.

The project is free (like vol 1.) and it consist of 15 18 x 24 original digital art prints. I created this for the people. I did it out of passion. This my labor of love, my pride and joy. The themes are dark, but truthful from my point of view. I talk about many different topics (race, religion, pain, depression, hopes, dreams, glory, triumph, loneliness, politics, enlightenment…etc). I did all of the work myself, this is my entire creation. No help, no group brainstorming, all me.  My aesthetics always been dope of course, so expect new illustration styles never before seen, new color combinations, etc…

Cover Art




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