Inside My Mind Re-Release

Originally this project was only 7 original posters and 1 bonus that was older worker but I felt like certain topics that I wanted to talk about were missing, plus I wanted to add more content. So I added 4 new posters. This is a passion project, a labor of love. Its totally free, do whatever you want with it, print it, share it, enjoy it, hate it…I don’t care….just check it out!

here’s the description of what the project is, I know this is redundant but i hate typing and its easier to copy n paste :

(This project is titled Inside My Mind Vol. 1. It features 11 18 x 24 high resolution posters. This is my first full length project. I wanted to make this project sort of like a mixtape or music cd (for people that don’t know what a mixtape is) . Each image is like a track, it has it’s own story and style of art. Feel free to share this project.

To download, copy & paste the link below. Once you download the file, unzip the folder.

(NOTE: The file size is really large ‘416M’ so be patient and give it time to download, It will take little bit of time)

.        .          .          .         .          .         .         .          .          .         .          .          .         .

Social Media Username: johnspainart



Download Link:




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