Future – “Perky’s Calling” Free Poster Download

By John C. Spain ( johnspainart )

Size: (18 x 24) Full Color Poster
Created with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator & the Wacom Cintiq

Project Summary:
This illustration is based off Future track titled “Perky’s Calling” form the Purple Reign mixtape. I’ve been listening to alot for Future lately and realized how introspective the lyrics are when you look past the catchy beats & hooks. I liked the vibe and it inspired me to create an illustration about the content of the track.

I wanted the art to be dark, just like the lyrics. The image shows 2 Percocet pills sucking the life out Future, which is basically a metaphor for the toxic effect that the drugs is having on him.

Background Breakdown: 
The background is actual made up of 4 different sections.

I put those 4 sections together, to make 1 large background, and put a new background underneath


Illustration Breakdown:


Download Link: (Copy & Paste) 




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