My First Full Length Project!!!

Basically I’m creating my first full length project. It’s called “Inside My Mind Vol. 1”. This is something that I’ve always wanted to do, and that I’m passionate about. The project consist of multiple (I don’t know the exact number) of completely original high resolution images. Once I’m done I’ll put up a link on my site and people can download free of charge. I’ll talk about different topics, u know … basically stuff that I care about and I’ll throw some fun stuff in there aswell.

The style of the art will be creative. I consider myself to be a freestyle artist, like a freestyle rapper I go off the top of my head, no preparation, no thumbnails, no thought…I just pick up the pen and like my creativity flow…whatever the image look like, it look like …and I move on to the next. So all my images on this project will all have it’s on personality and creative flare. I plan on experimenting with different styles.

So look out out for this project, It’s my labor of love (my first child). I plan on giving 100% to this project and I def plan on putting my heart and soul into this. This project is free for the public. Spread the word share it, print it, do whatever u want …

Anyway I hate writing….so here’s a sample of one of the images. It’s untitled at the moment. Every image is 18 x 24 BTW (poster size) so this is a very small section .





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