The Freedom Of Having Your Own Style

For a long time I thought art was about aesthetics. I was always hell bent technical skills. I wanted to be a photo realistic artist so so so bad hahaha. That was my definition of talent and true artistic ability. I wasn’t totally wrong because realism artist are amazing at what they do. It takes discipline, hardwork, many hours of studying, technical skill and focus to execute realism.


I tried my hand at it, became somewhat ok overtime, but for me personally it was always a chore. I hated having to look at a photo and try to process each shade, It was 2 robotic for me. I’m the type of person that need freedom to create, because I don’t have a process. I like to experiment with anything that pop into my head until I like what I see So I got frustrated and began doing my own thing. Creating whatever I wanted, and suddenly art became fun again. No more pressure because when u create there’s no such thing as rules or parameters. You just zone out and do your thing. Don’t worry or compare your work to anybody else, just appreciate your style.

bird1back female-3-final female1

Having your own style is important because its stress free, and you don’t have any standards have anything to be compared to. Every piece that u create stands alone. Also It makes your work become distinct.

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