Design Break Down 1.0 “Portrait 1”

4ba443ed7740248df59a206290d93baf nose2

This project was originally was just a practice project that I meant to never release. I was just experimenting with new techniques, but I thought it came solid and released it online. It ended up becoming one of my more popular photo manipulations. Its funny how that work, its interesting to see which projects get the most attention.

Anyway, these are the 2 photos I used.


I created this background with a few different brushes. I chose to keep the color scheme simple.


I took the image and added a few random filters (generic filters) and made sure the opacity was low enough to make sure that the image could be seen through the brushes.

I duplicated the photo and put it on a new layer underneath the first image.


The next step was to add contrast so the image wouldn’t see so flat. I’m big on contrast, not only shadows, mid-tones and highlights but also with colors. I add different variations of orange, yellow and flesh tone brown. The thing that made the image really pop is the white highlights on the nose, lips, cheeks and side of the face.


The last step was to blend in the cube photo to give it a abstract texture.

This was a very quick project. I never know how my projects will come out. I just freestyle and play around until i get something that I like. lol Sometimes I cant even re-create my past work because of my spontaneous formula, but IMO that’s a good thing. I want my work to always look and feel different.

Alright, so thanks for taking the time to read and follow my blog. I will post more, I know I had a long lapse between now and my first few post. I just have alot on my plate so bear with me.

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